Your Guide to the Dogs of Lady Dynamite Season 2

Lady Dynamite is back and somehow even better, bursting with frantic energy and exploring the realities of mental illness in a manner both moving and irreverent. The show is a reflection of star Maria Bamford’s fixations, including DOGS. Lots of dogs. The comedian/actress is a longtime dog owner and seems hellbent on showcasing canines throughout the season. Here’s the definitive guide to the dogs of Lady Dynamite Season 2.

Bert and Blueberry

Bert and Blueberry (pictured above) are Maria and Scott’s pet pugs. They serve as narrator-guides, offering commentary on what’s happening and advising those around them. They sometimes intervene directly to assist human characters, making a case for why dogs deserve opposable thumbs.


Tucker is the DOGDP (Dog Director of Photography) on Maria Bamford is Nuts!, a sitcom starring Maria and directed by hard-driving agent Karen Grisham. Rescued from a kill shelter just before being euthanized, he’s now a dues-paying union member. His brother Caramel was the Steadicam Operator on the Black-ish pilot.


Even (“Evan”) belongs to Emily “Em” Bezzler (Judy Greer), a disgraced accountant/bookkeeper who committed fraud after inheriting her deceased husband’s debt. Maria meets Em and her adorable dog at a Debtors’ Anonymous group and is so moved by their story, she hires Em to do her and Scott’s bookkeeping. Even possesses hypnotic abilities, which he displayed on reality competition show A Tale Of Two Talents. His real name is Seven.

Poppy Louise

Poppy is Dagmar’s dog. Eagle-eyed viewers will recognize her as Bridget Everett’s actual dog, a precious Pomeranian whose full name is Poppy Louise Mandrell Everett. You can find her @poppy_louise on Instagram.

Peter Coyote (dog-adjacent)

Pete is Maria’s co-star on the series Apache Justice. During their screen test, peanut butter is applied to Maria’s chin so he’ll remain an attentive scene partner. Maria is told to look between his eyes instead of directly into them and menstruating women must evacuate the set when he’s filming.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Lady Dynamite are currently streaming on Netflix.