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Why You Should Catch Up On The Good Place Before Season 2 Starts September 28th

By Katie Conway, Contributor

The Good Place is a new comedy created by Michael Schur that premiered on NBC this past September. It’s about a woman named Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) who finds herself in the after-life when she, rather unfortunately, is struck dead by a row of grocery carts, then a tractor-trailer, after she pursues a roll-away bottle of Tequila Mix in a parking lot. She is then greeted by Michael (Ted Danson), a neighborhood architect in a utopia called “The Good Place” (a.k.a “Heaven”). Michael congratulates Eleanor on all her accomplishments and humanitarian work she achieved during her life on Earth, and introduces her to her soul mate, Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper) – a deceased Nigerian ethics professor. Eleanor realizes there’s been a huge mistake – she’s not the Eleanor they think she is, and she actually belongs in “The Bad Place”. With the help of Chidi, Eleanor attempts to learn how to be an ethically moral and “good” person so she can earn her stay. But of course, chaos ensues…

Are you hooked yet? Here are even MORE reasons why you should start binge-watching this “forkin’” great show! 
1. Michael Schur’s Writing Is Brilliant
Just a glance at Michael Schur’s resume is enough to assure any person of his comedic brilliance, originality, and creativity. He was a writer on Saturday Night Live from 1997-2004, a writer for The Officefrom 2005 – 2007, and is the creator of the beloved Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And now we have The Good Place – a show with whip smart dialogue, unique storytelling, and fascinatingly complex characters.
2. All The Actors, Both Well-Known and New, Have Stand-Out Performances
Ted Danson and Kristen Bell both carry a lot of star power. Bell is best known for her time on Veronica Mars and Frozen, but she has also proven her comedic chops in films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Bad Moms. Danson was none other than Sam Malone in the pop-culture classic Cheers, and he brings a charming complexity to his new role as the creator of a “Good Place” neighborhood. But aside from those well-established careers, the show shines a bright spotlight on newcomers William Jackson Harper and Jameela Jamil. Harper plays a delightfully quirky, warm, and intelligent character whose asking most of the hard-hitting questions the show is trying to answer. Jamil – an English writer, DJ, model, and radio host – enters her first onscreen acting gig as the beautiful, charming, selfish yet kind Tahani Al-Jamil.
3. The Good Place Features Parks and Recreation Alumni  
Do you still miss NBC’s Parks and Recreation – the television equivalent of hot waffles for breakfast or a warm hug from a good friend? Not to worry, Parks alum Adam Scott and Marc Evan Jackson have reoccurring roles in The Good Place! Scott plays a devilish figure from “The Bad Place”, while Jackson plays an unemotional judge from the “Medium Place”. And if you don’t remember, Kristin Bell herself was on Parks and Rec as Ingrid De Forest. In fact, it was confirmed that The Good Place and Parks and Recreation take place in the same universe, based on Easter eggs spotted by hard-core fans.

4. “Lost” Was A Big Inspiration
It’s no secret that Michael Schur is a huge The Leftovers and Lost fan. Such a fan, that Shur took Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof out to lunch while still developing the concept of The Good Place. He wanted the show to reflect Lost’s infamous major cliffhangers, world building, and plot twists. Bonus: There’s a Leftovers Easter egg in the pilot episode, and a Lost reference in the 12th episode. And for fans who want to take it the next level, Schur also drew major inspiration from the play No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre.

5. Janet Gets The Biggest Laughs
Honestly, the best jokes of the series come from Janet – an “intelligent personal assistant” played by D’Arcy Carden. Her robotic, cheery attitude and deadpan answers to every question are the cherry on top of a show with an already A+ assembly of actors. D’Arcy herself has been in comedy for quite some time – a regular performer for Upright Citizens Brigade, with appearances on Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer, as well as Crazy-Ex Girlfriend
6. Frozen Yogurt!
There’s literally a Fro-Yo Shop on every corner, and thousands of flavors to choose from. N’uff said. (FYI – The actor’s aren’t eating Fro-Yo in those scenes. It’s actually mashed potatoes!)
7. 90% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes 
Out of the 49 reviews for Season 1, 44 found this “absurd, clever, and whimsical portrayal of the afterlife” certified fresh. As for the audience? 85% fell in love with their new comedy obsession.
8.  It’s Already Renewed for Season 2!
So you can comfortably watch Season 1 knowing there will be more to come. So what are you waiting for? Start watching The Good Place today!