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Review: The Emoji Movie

The protagonist of The Emoji Move, Meh (TJ Miller), lives in the booming metropolis of Textopolis, inside the smart phone of a 14-year-old boy. Meh goes on a quest with his friend the hand emoji (James Corden), to fix the “defect” that allows Meh to express a range of emotions rather than the narrowly prescribed “meh” he is supposed to express exclusively. Will he learn something important about himself along the way?

By A. Fox, Contributor 

I’d rather gnaw off my other leg than see this movie again. The last time a saw a pile of crap this big, I ran for the hills, knowing a bear was nearby. Man, what a cynical cash grab. It doesn’t even focus on the emojis that much, but on product placement for a bunch of other apps. Just Dance? Seriously? Nobody has that on their phone. I never thought I’d go through something as awful as getting caught in a bear trap last fall and having to gnaw off my own leg to extricate myself. But, nope, I was wrong. I give this movie four poops out of four.


A. Fox is an actual fox living and working in the forests of Maine. Her interests including climbing trees, raiding birds nests for eggs, and burrowing under snow.