Relax, That Terrifying Spectre That Keeps Appearing Is Just You From The Future

Look on the bright side, at least you finally grew your hair out long like you’ve wanted to.

By Marcia Baker, Contributor

Relax, That terrifying spectre that keeps appearing is just you from the future trying to warn you about something. Corpse-like young woman appearing to you at night while you’re trying to get to sleep? Oh yeah, you from the future. Netflix and chill, baby, because trying to get the bottom of it will actually lead directly to your untimely demise. As they say in New York City, fahgettaboudit!

Crazed middle-aged woman on a horse chasing you through the woods and shouting your name? Chill out, it’s actually you in 30 years trying to tell you you’re marrying the wrong person. But wait, which person? Your current love, or your past flame who’s suddenly back in the picture? It doesn’t matter. Whichever choice you make will be wrong, because otherwise she wouldn’t be chasing you around on your horseback rides everyday. Just forget about it and enjoy planning the wedding.

Old woman breaking into your house to shove a strange amulet into your hands and then telling you to get it to safety or the universe will be overrun by a force of pure evil? Totally you from the future. And yes, you should really take care of that amulet thing.