Paul Feig and Laura Fischer Launch Female Director Incubator

McKinley Ebert, Editorial Intern

Earlier this month, Paul Feig and Laura Fischer’s company Powderkeg announced the launch of an inclusive incubator for female directors.

The incubator, called Powderkeg: Fuse, includes ethnically diverse, female directors who will each create a short film—as proof of a concept for an original series—with the help of prominent producers and casting directors. Powderkeg produces the films and will distribute them as a thematically-tied, 30-minute anthology series.

“Each of these women has a very unique comedic voice and aesthetic and we are thrilled to be able to bring their short films to life. These are talented directors ready for the next step in their careers and we hope this is the beginning of a long working relationship with each of the them,” said Feig and Fischer in a statement.

Powderkeg invited 40 women to submit concepts for short films, with potential as television series, encompassing themes of diversity and community in Los Angeles.

“This mosaic of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct micro-culture is the source of endless conversation and comedy. Finding your own identity in this city might take one or even two moves – BUT once you find it – you are home,” read the end of Fuse’s prompt.

Powderkeg selected the following women, who began production last week:

Hannah Levy and Adriana Robles – Francis 2.0 set in West Hollywood
Jess de la Merced – Phony set in the San Gabriel Valley
Thembi Banks – Baldwin Beauty set in Baldwin Hills
Talia Osteen – Shabbos Goy set in Pico Robertson
Lizzy Sanford – Freckle and the Shih Tzu  
Jeanne Jo – Rachel From New York set in Frogtown