My Attempt at the 10 Day Movie Challenge

Lauren Morris, Contributor

Day 1 – Grosse Pointe Blank is a great movie. It takes place in Michigan and – oh wait – Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have access to clean water. Fuck.

Day 2 – Frida. A surrealist, female, Mexican, artist…well shit, women, LGBTQ+ and POC actors are getting harassed by fanboys and forced to quit social media.

Day 3 – Wag the Dog. Premiered in 1997, is a black comedy, fuuuccckkk…Trump called a black woman a dog.

Day 4 – School of Rock. Music programs are at the heart of this movie. You know what? This is bullshit. While these private school students are getting exposed to the arts, real students are in grave danger now that regulations that keep transgender children safe in school bathrooms has been rolled back.

Day 5 – I fucking can’t do this.

Day 6 –  I’m sure there’s a fun movie available to watch and I’m trying to complete this dumbass challenge. However, former federal employees are getting clearance revoked for criticizing the administration but the son of the President, who definitely met with foreigners, gets to keep his. Movie for today would be Like Father, Like Son, I guess.

Day 7 –  Uh, the world is on fire and not surprising at all are those giant tax cuts to corporations that have not found their way to employees or consumers. But yeah, that time Brad Pitt was a gym employee in Burn After Reading was fun I suppose.

Day 8 – Gender pay gaps are still a thing so I’m choosing 9 to 5 for this ridiculous list.

Day 9 –  The Catholic Church has been protecting pedophiles for the past 70 years in Pennsylvania. We all know this isn’t limited to just Pennsylvania.  No fucking movie is going to help!

Day 10 – We all know Trump has definitely said the n-word and most likely it’s on tape somewhere. Alt-right Nazis will feel even more emboldened to be openly racist. Fuck this movie challenge. Go fucking vote!

Lauren Morris is a writer, improviser, and the founder/Director of AdLib Theatre Company and the Central Florida Improv Festival. As a writer, Lauren has been featured in publications such as Razed, Points in Case, Slackjaw, Robot Butt, Weekly Humorist, and Belladonna. To learn more, visit