Most Trump Voters Still Believe He’s Doing A Good Job In Improv Show

Trump, performing with college troupe “Dutch Coven” takes a suggestion from the audience and then completely ignores it.

By Marcia Baker, Contributor

In what seems like six month into an improv show, a study found that most trump supporters still believe he’s doing a good job, despite historically low approval ratings from the general audience.

“They were doing a scene about Amish people living on the moon, and out of nowhere, the president threatens to bomb North Korea”, said audience member Heather Lopes.

I caught up with one of Trump’s exhausted teammates, Zach Wolcott, on the sidelines. “I’ve never seen someone deny the reality of the scene and steamroll everyone so thoroughly. Not only does he not understand the basic tenets of improv, he’s constantly breaking character to insult the college newspaper reporter covering the event and calling it fake news.” I keep trying to sweep his scenes and he just ignores it or yells out something like “Look, low-rated Joe Scarborough is desperate to get into a scene. I say ‘no’!”

At a press conference earlier in the day, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that she had dropped by the event and that all see saw was “a huge crowd of college students pretty excited to see the president doing improv and cheering loudly at his offers.”

At press time, the improv team “Rhymes With Orange”, set to perform the second half of the show, was still waiting backstage, warming up with improv exercises like “Have You Seen My Cat” for the third hour straight.