Web Series Meme Queens Chronicles Two Former Beauty Queens Chasing Fame

By Pamela Ross, Editor In Chief

Meme Queens is an irreverent, sharply written web series featured on Elizabeth Banks’s digital platform WhoHaHa. Jessica A. Caesar and Gilli Messer write and star in the 7-episode series, which documents the antics of two ex-beauty queens hellbent on remaining relevant and raking in cash through the Internet. WICF Daily spoke with Jessica, who’s also appeared on Atlanta, Grey’s Anatomy, and Grimm.

WICF Daily: What motivated you to create this web series independently?
Jessica: I knew that I wanted to create some kind of female-driven comedy web series. This was something that I wanted to do for years. When I finally came up with a concept that I loved, I decided to self-fund it and doing it independently seemed like the right way to go.  
WICF D: You shot Meme Queens quickly, and on a modest budget. What challenges did you encounter during production, if any? Would you have done anything differently?
J: Finding an office location that was within my budget was the most challenging part of the production. After scouting different locations for months, I finally reached out to someone that I’d worked with on previous projects and was able to film in an office location that he frequently utilizes for productions.  We were able to shoot everything so quickly because we shot out of order and based on location.  All of the actors were spot on, knew their lines and were great at improv as well. I couldn’t have been happier with everyone’s performances given the short amount of time we had.  The only thing I would have done differently is had a slightly bigger crew. But it still worked out in the end.
WICF D: What’s your dream creative job?
J: My ultimate dream creative job is to create, produce, write and star in my own sitcom or single-camera comedy series.
WICF D: What advice would you give to women interested in pursuing comedy professionally?
J: Always find ways to showcase yourself as a comedic performer, especially in the beginning stages of your career.  That might mean doing stand up comedy, being on an improv team, creating funny sketches for YouTube, or posting funny clips of yourself on Instagram.  In between professional comedy jobs, also try to create other opportunities for yourself.  Collaborate with other women and artists who have the same passion and comedic interest that you do.  These connections and relationships could lead to more success in your profession as well.
WICF D: How can people keep up with your future projects?
J: I’m always sharing details and promoting my new projects on social media. You can keep up with me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook  @JessicaACaesar and for future MEME QUEENS updates, you can follow the show on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @MemeQueensTV.