Fall TV Preview

Netflix Original Bojack Horseman returns on September 8 with its fourth season.

By Katie Conway, Contributor

Ah, September. The air is crisper, the leaves are falling, students are heading back to school, and pumpkin spice is making a miraculous comeback. And best of all, so is television! Nothing beats the feeling of your favorite shows returning, trying out pilot episodes, and deciding which new shows to invest your time in. With so much new TV to see, it can be difficult to keep up with what to watch, where, and when. Not to worry! Here’s your unofficial Fall Comedy TV Guide to help you decide what to look for in the coming chilly months.

Little Evil –  Netflix, September 1st

Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation? Check. Evangeline Lilly from Lost? Check. A horror comedy about your stepson possibly being the Antichrist? Double check! This weirdly intriguing Netflix Original should be at the top of your fall watchlist.

Me, Myself, and I – CBS, September 25th

This unique new sitcom explores the life of one man at three different  stages – at 14 in the year 1991, at 40 in the present day, and at 65 in the year 2042. It stars Bobby Moynihan in his first television role since leaving Saturday Night Live earlier this year. We can’t wait to see how this turns out, Bobby!

BoJack Horseman – Netflix, September 8th

After a shocking turn of events from last season, everyone’s favorite dark comedy about a washed up 90s sitcom horse actor returns. But where is BoJack? It’ll take Diane, Todd, Mr. Peanut Butter, and the rest of the Hollywood gang to help find him and bring him back. It’ll be a guaranteed rollercoaster ride of laughter and existential dread!

Curb Your Enthusiasm – HBO, October 1st

After six years, Larry David returns as himself just when the world needs him most. ’Nuff said.

The Good Place – NBC, September 28th

There are many reason to watch The Good Place and you can find them all in a previous article I wrote. Catch up on this feel-good, innovative comedy about the afterlife before season 2 premieres! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. We’re just dying for you to watch it.

The Mayor – ABC, October 3rd

In a new comedy that’s a lot funnier than this past election, a young hip-hop artist jokingly runs for mayor…and wins. Starring Brandon Michael Hall (Search Party), Lea Michele (Glee), and Yvette Nicole Brown (Community), this political comedy is sure to be hit! And Hamilton fans: Daveed Diggs is an executive producer and is helping create all the show’s original music.

The Orville – FOX, September 10th

Seth MacFarlane’s (Family Guy) Star Trek-inspired sci-fi comedy is blasting off this fall, set 400 years in the future with a dysfunctional crew to boot.

Will and Grace

They’re back! After an eleven-year gap, Will (Eric McCormack), Grace (Debra Messing), Karen (Megan Mullally), and Jack (Sean Hayes) are reuniting. Don’t miss this special event comeback series!

Ghosted – FOX, October 1st

Craig Robinson (The Office) and Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) star in this supernatural comedy about a skeptic and a firm believer in the paranormal. They are suddenly thrown into a situation where they encounter creatures like ghosts and aliens for the Bureau Underground, which investigates the paranormal and anything in the scientific realm.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend – CW, October 13th

“She’s the crazy ex-girlfriend!” and we can’t wait to have her – a.k.a. the very talented Rachel Bloom – back! A new year of parody musical numbers, heartbreak, powerful lady friendships, and Josh Groban are ahead of us.