Advice Column

Introducing: I Care About You with Kenice Mobley and Emily Ruskowski

Emily Ruskowski and Kenice Mobley care about you.  They want you to act right and get your damn life together.  How? They are so glad you asked!

“I Care About You” is a biweekly advice column presented and hosted by The Women in Comedy Festival. Kenice and Emily are here to answer your questions about all manner of awkward, embarrassing, uncomfortable, and scary life situations. Having struggles relating to your family? Worries about your job? Can’t agree with your partner on which exotic pet to adopt (hey we don’t know your life, but definitely don’t go with the teacup pig. Those are a scam. No judgies though!)? Then send in a question – no topic is off limits.

The best part? All submissions are anonymous, so feel free to be as candid as you want. Submit your question here.

About Kenice and Emily:

Kenice Mobley is a New York-based stand up comic.  She has appeared on Night Train, The Knitting Factory, Laughs on Fox and is the host of the popular “Person About Town” and “Love About Town” podcasts. She also has a BS in Developmental Psychology.

Emily Ruskowski is a Boston-based stand up comic.  She is also a licensed mental health professional with experience in psychiatric inpatient and community based crisis settings.  She has appeared on the popular 2 Dope Queens podcast.