Gucci Launches High-End Sheep’s Clothing for Wolves

By Marcia Baker, Contributor

Gucci has unveiled its new line of high-end, custom sheep’s clothing for wolves. The hand-tailored line  provides a seamless and stylish cover for wolves of all kinds attempting to both blend in with, and dazzle, a herd of sheep.

Gucci spokesperson, Armando Pecorini, described the creative process behind the line to the press. “A sheep carcass sloppily draped over a wolf is no longer acceptable to the discerning predator, who demands comfort, style, high performance, and the ability to look exactly like a real sheep. The wolf who wears our sheep’s clothing will not look like just any sheep, but the most stylish, sexy sheep. The other sheep will not only accept the wearer, they will be dazzled and enthralled.”

Pecorini went on to say that the comfort, quality, and ease of the clothing would free the wolf to embody its bold, groundbreaking style and focus on murdering sheep, or entering politics, all while exploring the nature of identity, society, and most-modernism.

The clothing is dry-clean only.

Available in stores this spring. $3,800-$6,400.