I Highly Recommend the Buttered Noodles at French Laundry

By Michelle Lin, Age 4

Last week I had the pleasure of dining with my parents at French Laundry, voted one of the world’s best restaurants multiple years. Yay!!!

The buttered noodles were plentiful, subtle, and unpretentious. Coupled with a steady stream of juice boxes from my backpack, the yummy inside parts of 7 dinner rolls, and an unprecedented three hours of ‘Bubble Guppies’ on my mom’s iPhone, it made for an evening I shan’t soon forget (and who’s forming a ton of longterm memories at age 4?)

I think the waiter was mad at my parents because he didn’t even ask them what they wanted to eat and kept bringing them tiny plates of really gross stuff. Who eats foam? I played in the foam area once at Southwick’s Zoo when we visited my grandparents in Massachusetts but they told us to definitely NOT eat it.

In all, I was delighted by my experience. I give French Laundry three Michelle Lin stars.

French Laundry is located in Yountville California. Chef Thomas Keller’s refined fixed-price meals continually draw food lovers to this stone farmhouse and has drawn accolades since its opening for stunning food, service, and presentation.

Michelle Lin attends preschool three days a week in San Diego. She also enjoys the kid’s menu at Per Se and Saison.