What If Eminem Loved His Mom’s Cooking More Than Anything?

From the mind of comedian Rachael Burke sprang a sketch that asks the question: what if Eminem loved his mom’s food so much, it was the only thing he rapped about?

In the song “Lose Yourself”, popularized by his feature film debut 8 Mile (2002), Em’s character Rabbit is so nervous to battle rap that he throws up “mom’s spaghetti.” Burke seizes on this detail and heightens it to hilarious effect.

Burke worked at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for five years, during which the digital media team she helmed won two Emmys. She also contributed jokes and sketches to the late-night program, including an on-air sketch about Ariana Grande’s ponytail coming alive. Her sketch group Kids These Days is currently competing on NBC’s Bring the Funny and has performed at festivals across the United States.