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About WICF Daily

If you like to laugh and are passionate about women in comedy, you will love WICF Daily, a new humor site presented by the Women in Comedy Festival.

WICF Daily is a full-scale comedy site featuring news from all over the comedy world and original content including interviews with comedians, writers, directors, and producers, editorials and a network of WICF-produced podcasts, original humor articles, videos, and cartoons.

Publisher: Women in Comedy Festival

Editor-in-Chief: Pamela Ross


Lara Azar, Abigail Barr, Amber Breitbach, Katie Conway, Kathleen Demarle, Arianna Durnell, Marcia Kester Doyle, Kerry Elson, Laura Eppinger, Irene Fagan Murrow, Anna Fields, Ginny Hogan, Sarah James, Rich Karski, Kathy Lynch, Will Martin, Amanda Melhuish, Mia Mercado, Kenice Mobley, Matt Moore, George Newton, Blaire Postman, Katie Qué, Emily Ruskowski, Stacy Stevenson, Margaret Stolte, Elizabeth Teets, Anya Volz

Want to Contribute to WICF Daily? What Are We Looking For?

Are you funny? Creative? Have strong writing and grammar skills? Are you an artist or a filmmaker? WICF Daily is looking for article ideas and original content from readers and writers like you.

Your writing can be about anything important to you and the WICF community – humor articles, original think pieces, personal essays, why your favorite television show is feminist, etc. As long as you are passionate and honest about what you’re writing, we would love to hear from you.

Email Us Your Suggestions

Have an article or video or cartoon or general idea? Pitch it to us! Email editor@wicf.com with “Pitch” and your idea in the email subject line (Ex. “Pitch: What I Learned in Boating School is…”). Give us a brief description of who you are, then get right to the pitch. This should be no more than a paragraph in length. If you would like, you can also attach links to other articles that you have written, but this is not mandatory. We will email you back and let you know if we think your idea is a good fit for WICF Daily.

Submit Full First Draft

Already have the full thing written? No problem! Published articles are typically between 300-1200 words in length. Please double check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Email your first draft to editor@wicf.com with a brief description of who you are, and feel free to send us links to other articles you have written (this last part is optional). Please include your working article headline in the email subject line (Ex. “Article: What Crazy-Ex Girlfriend Taught Me”). We will email you back with any edits, suggestions, or feedback as soon as we can! If we decided to use your article, cartoon, short video, etc. it must be exclusive to WICF Daily, and not be published anywhere else. Please also include a brief contributor bio that mentions who you are, where you’re from, and a bit about your background. Contributors are currently uncompensated but we’re hoping to change this in the future.

What are you waiting for? Start Writing, Drawing, Filming, etc.!